Are there times when your body is letting you know that it needs help?  Dr. Reith can help.

Whether it is neck pain, headaches, back pain, tired, disease or some other ailment, you do not have to endure discomfort. We understand the relationship between your spine and nervous system and how these can affect your total wellness.

Chiropractic care is about delivering balance to your body so you can appreciate healthy living. Spinal misalignments play a role in your discomfort or symptoms, and if these are left untreated they can hamper your movement, cause chronic pain, restrict your comfort and limit your health potential.

Common Conditions Seen at this Office
Chronic lower back, middle back, and neck pain with or without stiffness.
Acute injury to the spine.
Automobile accidents. Even the minor ones can cause major damage!

            Nerve pain in the arms or legs
Headaches (most common are tension or migraines)           
Sport injuries (spine and extremity)
Ear infection

This office also has an in house x-ray which is most commonly used for spine imaging but can also be used for acute extremity injury. If you’re a weekend warrior and think you may have fractured a bone a determination can be made here as well.

Acupuncture is available and is done with and/or without needles.

School physicals are also available. Every year a new or update sports physical is required in Kansas.
We are “in-network” with almost all insurance plans. 

If you have questions about your coverage you can call the office and we can find out for you before any treatment is done.   

Contact us today at (913) 583-3700 and discover the freedom to live your life as it should be enjoyed.

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